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Friendly Filpino staff can take all your inbound calls and processing, almost completely eliminating the need for local staff in your office.

Tech support, phone Applications, Payment processes, Bookings, Reception, Hotlines. Anything you can throw at us can be replicated at a fraction of the cost with unlimited growth. 


The delegation of a company’s back office functions, mainly administrative jobs that ensure a business smooth and sustainable operation.

The five most commonly outsourced back office functions are data entry, payroll, human resource and administration, IT support, marketing, and public relations. 

Back office outsourcing is proven to reduce a company’s operating costs by assigning the costly jobs of recruitment, training, and provisions to us. 

Again, we can usually seek staff to replicate any task, with a little training. 


We provide qualified accountants, CPA's, bookkeepers who are a dedicated part of your team. Trained up in XERO and most current accounting platforms.

Hand over all your laborious bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing and collections tasks to us and free up your senior local staff for more important matters.

Improver your cash flow by us actively followup up on outstanding payment. 

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Short intro:


Staff services specialising in - Managed & Self managed operations.

Our Australian owned and managed company partners up with you to create an overseas division of your company, for the purpose of cost-effectively adding Facilities, IT and HR recruitment, while you handle quality and productivity tasks, of which some levels can also be delegated to us. This is the most popular model we use because we find it fits our clients’ needs from quickly scaling up of small businesses, to improving efficiency in larger enterprises.  Taking the load off whilst still letting you retain control within your security & comfort zone. 

The main benefits include:

  • A full-time, dedicated team you can integrate into your business.

  • You select your staff from the candidates we present, so hiring is nearly the same as hiring local staff.

  • Full control over your team’s processes, tasks and service quality.

  • Simple transparent costs.

  • A specialist partner on the ground who understands the local culture and labor laws.

  • Experience in recruiting and setting up teams and providing ongoing support.

  • Works well for virtually any role that can be performed with a computer program or over the phone.

  • Our Technology and CCTV lets you feel closer than if they were in your local office. 

Cost savings:

  • Local MSA IT support.

  • Electricity consumption.

  • Computers, phones and other electronic hardware.

  • Insurance reduction.

  • Local compensation and labour law disputes.

  • Office supplies.

  • Unlimited growth without the need for local office expansion.

  • All this mean you can downgrade your local costs along with initial huge saving on staff salary.


  • Your office & communications can now be run from dual locations, covering you for natural disasters and extended hours.

  • For superior uptime, get connected to our Global VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Hosted PBX (Online Office Phone system) to remove more local components, making you cloud-based for full mobility.

  • No longer reliant on your internal office infrastructure and technology limitations.

  • Saving even more expenses on local Internet, Servers and Phone system upgrades, you'll never need them again...  

As far as the amount of work involved for you, the managed operations model is quite simple. You don’t have to do all the work on the ground to set up the team and your facilities, but you still have to be prepared to invest some time managing and training your team to your required tasks, Most teams can self train new staff members internally thereafter. 

Why Virtual staffing works



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Fast track your inquiry:

Rather than spend hours trying to navigate through web links and pages of online research, just email or call us and we will carefully go over your requirements to advise you on the best solution for guaranteed success and in which location is most suited. 

Remember it's in our best interest to make outsourcing work for your company wherever possible. 

Our systems evolution over our 10-years of outsourcing experience will make your offshore staffing transition feel safe and easy.

Although we have pre-defined templates, your particular needs may vary and this is where a sit-down phone or conference call can make the difference by intimately learning your workflows, then custom designing an exact outsourcing solution to give you the best chance of success, right from the start.

Outsourcing done wrong or tasks misunderstood often just waste time and money, leaving you with a bad feeling on continuing with offshore assistance. It's our aim to partner up in your process and structures for a long-standing business relationship. When done correctly, this will not only work but often outperform your previous more expensive local staff, saving you time and money. That's the point of outsourcing and it does work.  Contact us for a no-obligation chat or just for some free advice and pricing :-) 


Pricing (Exchange rate dependant):

Call us for a free, no-obligation quote on your staffing requirements.

Once the skill set has been determined, we can price you more accurately with sliding scale discounts on additional blocks of staff. 

5 Philippines locations


Manila | Cebu | Clark | Australia | Hong Kong

1300 VSTAFF (878-233)

+61 2 8880-6969

+63 928 877 1151

9am-5pm AEST

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